How to Wear a Leather Jacket This Winter

How to Wear a Leather Jacket This Winter
The leather jacket is just as much a classic as the basic white T-shirt or a pair of blue jeans. If you made investment in a great leather jacket, you probably don’t want to quit wearing it just because the temperatures are approaching freezing and snow seems more likely than rain. But to be honest, many of us do not know or are unsure of how to wear a leather jacket during the cold freezing weather. After all, the familiar pairing of a tee shirt and jeans just isn’t going to cut it when you need to stay warm.

How about if I say , with a bit of preparation, chances are good that you'll be able to make your investment in a leather jacket work in winter. Well, you just need to follow these four easy steps to figure out the best way to wear your lovely leather jacket eve during the coldest time of the year.

1- Assess the Jacket's Flexibility

Before you start mentally building all kinds of winter outfits around your leather jacket, think carefully about what you can and can’t wear with the jacket. Is it extremely slim-fitting? Then you probably won’t be able to wear that bulky fisherman knit sweater. Is it lined in the first place? Does it have big roomy pockets? Does it kind of ride up on you? The answers to these questions will tell you whether your particular coat can go the distance.


  Terrain Brown Leather Jacket

2- Protect the leather and treat it if required:

Before you even think about wearing your leather jacket out into snowy or rainy weather, make sure that the leather is protected against the elements.Read the tags on the jacket and figure out whether it’s equipped to repel water already. If not, treat it with a protectant that’s specifically designed for leather or suede garments, following the instructions carefully and make sure that you let the treatment dry adequately before wearing the jacket out of the house.

 Brown Leather jacket

3. Accessorize wisely

Though your hands might stay warm enough when you stuff them into the pockets of that heavy wool topcoat, your leather jacket probably won’t offer quite the same benefit. Invest in a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves — preferably in a versatile color that pairs well with most of your favorite pieces, so that you won’t be tempted to throw caution to the wind and leave them behind due to a case of clashing colors.

4- Add Some Warmth

Here’s the fun part. Even if your jacket is lightly insulated, you’re probably going to need to wear some warm layers underneath.A thin down shell or a cotton hoodie will make up for any insulation the coat lacks, while giving you a couple of extra pockets to work with. Make sure both layers are about the same length so you’re not adjusting things every two minutes. And if you’re used to wearing a longer wool topcoat or down coat, make sure that you don’t forget about your legs. Adding a base layer, like thermal long underwear or compression leggings, can go a long way toward keeping you warm without the coverage of a longer coat.

5. If nothing works, consider a new jacket

Sometimes your spring and fall-friendly leather jacket just doesn’t cut it during the winter with the layering efforts, you can consider purchasing a new jacket. There are a few popular styles — the flight jacket, the motorcycle jacket, and the cafe racer jacket. But if you’re going to make the investment in another jacket, look for one with significant insulation; perhaps even consider channeling the 1970’s with a jacket with a shearling lining and collar.


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