Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

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Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

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Available in Real and Synthetic Leather

Ride in style by donning this Sons of Anarchy Speedster leather vest each time you ride through the streets.  With a Reaper on your back and SOA patch on your front you walk with prestige and everyone knows to be wary. Show you’re a son for life with a true outlaw’s vest. Pull on your cuts without gouging your wallet when you don the Sons of Anarchy Reaper Real Leather Vest.

The black vest features the Sons of Anarchy patch across the shoulders above the iconic reaper patch. The collarless vest features two front faux pocket flaps and an easy zipper so you can quickly get on the road in pure SAMCRO style. With this vest you can reap anarchy in proper style.

Ready for the real deal? The SOA Leather Rebel Vest Regular is a real motorcycle vest that’s ready for you to sew your patches on.

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